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100kWh Mobile EV Charging System
Product Description:

The power station can be charged by photovoltaic or utility electricity, providing DC power supply for the electric vehicle, and also can be used as an emergency backup power supply for industry and commerce.





Function Item FGYS-EV50k-2H-F01 FGYS-EV50k-2H-N01 FGYS-EV50k-1H-F01 FGYS-EV50k-1H-N01
Equipment Charging and Discharging (ON-grid) ON-grid Discharging Power 50kW
ON-grid Charging Power
Way of Import and Export Line Phase Four-wire
Grid Voltage Range 400V(-20%~15%)
Grid Frequency Range 50Hz(-2.5~1.5)
AC Single Phase Maximum Current 72A
On-grid Charging Method Support Three-stage Charging
Total Current Harmonic Distortion ≤3%
Voltage Ripple Factor ≤1%
Power Factor ≥0.99
Equipment (Three-phasePower) Off-grid Output Voltage for AC Off-grid Output Line 400V
Frequency for AC Off-grid Output 50Hz
Output Voltage Distortion ≤1%(Linear Load)
Equipment (Charging Gun) Output DC Voltage Range 200~500V
Rated Output Current 100A
Output Current Range 0~100A
Overall Efficiency ≥95%
Output Voltage Error ±0.5%
Output Current Error ≥30A, ±1%; <30A, ±0.3A
Steady Voltage Accuracy ≤0.5%
Steady Current Accuracy ≤1%
Peak Output Ripple Coefficient ≤0.5%
Load Regulation ≤1%
Current Imbalance ≤3%
Auxiliary Power Supply The nominal voltage of low voltage DC auxiliary power is 12V, rated current is 20A, ripple factor <1%
PV Input Voltage 300~800V (Optional) 300~800V (Optional) 300~800V (Optional) 300~800V (Optional)
Equipment Battery Battery Nominal Voltage 538V 518V 538V 518V
Battery Nominal Capacity 200Ah 200Ah 100Ah 100Ah
Cell Type Lithium Iron Phosphate The Ternary Lithium Lithium Iron Phosphate The Ternary Lithium
IP Degree IP53 IP53 IP53 IP53
Appearance RAL 7035+RAL 9004(Outdoor powder)
Dimensions 2300x900x1850mm 2300x900x1850mm 1800x900x1850mm 1800x900x1850mm
Weight 2.2tons 1.8tons 1.6tons 1.2tons